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What is Hustle.land?

Hustle.land is simple. We write about sales, tech and marketing. We are a startup blog. We believe that advice is valuable and learning is hard - We want to make you successful. Have you learn from our mistakes and get where you want to be faster.  

Hustle.land is a project of passion. 

Hustle.land, hustleland, hustle,Interested in writing?

If you are interested in writing for a startup blog then hustle.land would love to hear your idea, but there are a few requirements.

- You own, work or used to work at a startup 
- You live, have lived, work or have worked in the Cleveland market
- You have a clear understanding of what you want to write and can communicate it

Pretty basic, right? If you meet the criteria and have a piece you are passionate about drop us a note at: admin@hustle.land

Please include your name, company, role (job title), article title, and a few sentences to give us a better understanding of your vision for the story. 

Hitchhiker...Pick 'em up!

If you are interested in promoting your company we would be more than happy to promote it on Hustle.land

Email Promotional Inquiries to: admin@hustle.land

We will list all companies in our Cleveland Startup Directory by industry. 
There is NO priority to this list and we will list companies in alphabetical order.

Want us to write about your hustle?

We want to highlight startups doing amazing things on "the hustle". Send us a short description of what you have going on and we will get back to you. Try and keep these to launches, PR announcements, funding, overcoming great challenges etc.. We run this blog on weekends (and some week nights), please be patient with our response time. 

Again, just drop us a note at: admin@hustle.land  Please include:

- Name, role (job title)
- Best way for us to get in touch
- what you want to discuss, with a short description