Cliche´ Dad Quotes For Your Startups Marketing

Today is fathers day so lets remember all of the cliche´ one liners our dads would tell us and pair them with usable marketing advice. 

Here is my list of the top 5 daddisms for marketers.

1. Do you think I am made of money?

No dad, we know you are not made of money and neither is our marketing department. Generally speaking marketing budgets are notoriously thin. They are also one of the first line items to go when things get tough.

Take this daddism to heart with every penny you spend on marketing. Our team is constantly looking / developing techniques to have high dollar results with low cost. The biggest spend that comes out of our budget is tied to tasks that cannot be accomplished by our small team (outsource for size) or high end tools.

We then evaluate every dollars ROI (the best that we can) and do a post mortem on if those dollars were successful. Sometimes they are not successful and as long as our team learns from that spend they in turn are successfully spent dollars. (I almost inserted a fail cliche´ but it felt like too much :)

Here are some free marketing budget templates from Hubspot.

2. If you were told to jump off a cliff, would you?

Stop grabbing at every marketing trend like it's a shiny object. Stick with tried and true and then start to reach to newer trends as you gain stability. Nobody knows your business like you know your business. Especially that social media agency that can't track conversions.  

Keep it basic at first. Understand SEO, learn how to run PPC campaigns and read up on your industry and what channels tend to convert best. There are no shortcuts when it comes to marketing - you must invest in yourself and learn about marketing, then execute on those learnings and test to optimize.

Forums and Google need to become your best friends. Here are some fails from the past year. 
2017 Marketing Trend Fails - Medium

3. When I was your age...

When I was your age we would never use headlines like that. Thanks dad. Things change and so should you. Algorithms are changing every day and so are advertising platforms as a whole. 

Keeping up with trends means that you are keeping up with marketing. Are you using Spotify Ad Studio? 
Internet radio is radio at this point (terrestrial what??). It was only a matter of time before the big players in internet radio introduced self service platforms for you to host ads without the need to record your own spots. 

Follow the trends, listen to what the young people are doing :) and figure out how to broadcast your message using that channel, platform, system etc. 

p.s. - Spotify ad studio kicks ass. Get on it. 

4. A little hard work never hurt anybody.

Outside of the fact that most people can point to an instance where hard work got someone hurt this one does carry a great marketing message. 

Shortcuts in your marketing are just short cutting your revenue. Growth hacking is often perceived as a shortcut, the reality is that growth hacking is just marketing at this point. The pieces of growth hacking that obtained quick and fast results generally were blocked or later proven to be a detriment to your business. 

Taking the time to learn what techniques are good and which are not will pay out in the end. Here are a couple educational sources that I use. Follow them, read the material and execute what makes sense for your business.

(The first two I sign up for the email newsletter the third is more of a tool, but a very good one.)

5. Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about.

Cool. When it comes to marketing the truth is that crying does not help...ever, unless it goes viral. We all make mistakes and some hurt more than others. 

If you start organized, measure your returns and keep up to date with the latest trends hopefully you can keep the moments where you want to cry to a minimum.

Marketing is not what they taught (and still teach) in school. It can be unforgiving and can be very rewarding. 

Ill end this by putting a couple more links to valuable things that I use on a daily basis. - SEO - Analytics - Tag Management
(UTM builder) - Duplicate content

I hope that the links help and the daddisms did not annoy you that much. Have a great fathers day. As always never hesitate to reach out. 

Happy Fathers Day,